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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Hands of A Child
When you look a the hand what do you see?
There are just some lines, most would agree.
But take a closer look this very minute,
And notice the treasure that are found within it.
The hand can be so many things,
From flowers to beautiful butterfly wings.
A Christmas tree, an apple, even a heart,
A candycorn, a crab that's only a start.
The hand can be snowflakes that fall from the sky,
The hand can be a leprechaun trying to hide.
It can be the sunshine to brighten the day,
It can be a fish swimming away.
It can be a turkey strutting along,
Whatever you make it, you can't go wrong.
Just take a little time to look and see,
Where these hands came from,
And you'll surely agree,
Your child the artist reaching his goal,
Created this for you with body and soul.
Keep it and use it til the time has passed,
Then put it away so the memories will last.