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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pirate Day

Pirate Snack and Lunch!  Lunch is an octopus hotdog, pretzel stick planks, tater tot gold coins, the grapes were eaten with a sword, and of course for dessert a gold coin (rolo).

Captain Rainbowbeard left us a letter, some riddles, and pieces of the map!  The kids had to answer the riddles correctly to receive the pieces of map and then they had to piece it together!
Off we went on our search for the treasure!  We had to walk the plank and search for that red X.  Once we found it, we opened it to find golden eggs with chocolate gold inside!

Searching for gold coins in the sensory table!

We made our own pirate hooks, and cut-out our patches and hats!

Link to pirate hat and patch:

 Treasure Map Quesadilla!  Another fun pirate lunch idea!  I didn't do this, but it looks like a lot of fun to make and eat!